How to buy tiket Tokyo Metro

How to buy tiket Tokyo Metro

Two kind of subway running in tokyo “TOEI SUBWAY”&”Tokyo Metro”

— TOEI SUBWAY oprating under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.   4 lines.

— Tokyo Metro is private company.   9lines.


check the vending machine for Tokyo Metro.


check the fares on “Fares Table” above the vending machines.


touch the fares button for 1 adult.

if you need some at the same time click here.


insert coin or note.

push the red circle button all operation will be canceled.


you can also sarch fares on vending machine.

touch “international language” button.


touch your language.


touch “purchase a ticket”.


touch “search by station name”.


input your distination.

“example SHINJUKU”


touch “Shinjuku TOKYO METRO Line”.

if you need some at the same time.

push combination button reft out of screen.

black for adult.   red for child.


insert coin or note.

return Top

If you find things not understandable

please tell it me.